Robert WhitneyHello world!! My name is Rob!
I like to blog about my achievements, failures, and just random stuff that I’ve learned or have done. If you don’t like it, then this probably isn’t the place for you.
Sometimes I post tutorials. If you want me to post a particular tutorial, then please let me know.
I like to connect with people who share the same interests as me, so feel free to contact me if you think that’s you.
When I’m not at my computer I try to be active. I go to the gym to lift weights and work on my legs. Lately I have been getting more exercise from playing Poke’mon GO (Don’t judge!). I like shorts, they are comfy and easy to wear.

Projects I’m involved with

For two years now I’ve been lucky enough to be part of Gota.IO. In fact, I’m the co-founder of Gota.IO.
In case you don’t know what that is, it’s this awesome multiplayer game where you try to grow big and eat other players. It is simple, yet addictive, and it is very fun to play with friends!

I develop and operate a search engine for chat networks that use the IRC protocol. It’s pretty nifty, and I get to collect all sorts of neat data. I like collecting data and figuring out how to write algorithms to analyze it. It’s kind of a hobby of mine, and I would like to think that I’m pretty good at it too.

As of December 2016, I’ve started a website to post tech related tutorials, news, and etc. All of my tutorials and such have been moved to

Skills I’ve acquired over the years

Some of my skills include PHP, Perl, and C#. I’m still learning many new things every day, I think everything is a non-stop learning experience. Who could really say they are ever truly done learning?? You can see some of my code on Github, but for now some of my better work is closed-source. I learn new skills quickly. I have even been known to program in languages that I have never fully learned.

I’m pretty good with WordPress SEO and have done it for people, and organizations, in the past. I have finally decided to open up my doors for everyone so now you can hire me for your WordPress SEO needs on Fiverr.