Average of Over 2,000 Websites Defaced Each Day

  • Author:xnite
  • Date:2013/11/07

In statistics data gathered from zone-h, a popular defacement archive, I was able to get an idea of how many websites are defaced each day, as well as how many unique servers are hacked to create these defacements. The numbers were shocking, to say the least, and a lot more defacements in a day than I ever imagined possible!



In 2010, website defacements became a lot more popular. This is likely because of the uprise of “hacktivists” over the recent years. Defacing websites is a trend that is not going away any time soon.

Based on this graph, I was able to estimate that about 883,333 websites are hacked, on average, each year based on statistics gathered from the past 9 years. Based on the same statistics, that means an estimated 73,611 websites are defaced each month, and an estimated 2,420 websites are defaced each day.




Another graph, provided by zone-h, shows the unique IP addresses for each website. Assuming that different IP addresses means different servers being hacked, I have gathered the following statistical information.

Based on the graph above, an estimated 210,000 servers are hacked each year to deface websites which are hosted on them. That means 17,500 servers are hacked each month, and 575 servers are hacked each day.

The data provided for these estimates is coming from zone-h, there are many more defacements which may not be recorded on zone-h, so these numbers may be lower than actual totals.

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