My Projects

DOSMon is a simple daemon that detects (distributed) denial of service attacks based on thresholds that you configure. When an attack is detected it will start a tcpdump of the attack so that you can analyze it later on.
IRC Scripts
BuddyIM Scripts Scripts used to manage the Buddy.IM IRC network.
Quassel Better Sysinfo for Linux Displays better system information in the quassel IRC client.
Quassel Winamp Now Playing A now playing script for quassel IRC client that gets the currently playing track in Winamp.
IRC Source
IRC-Source is a service which indexes IRC networks and makes them searchable on a website.
IRC-Source also collects statistics about networks and channels and displays them.
IRCwiki is a wiki website which has the goal of documenting IRC and everything related to IRC.
DNSBL.IM is a DNS blacklist aimed towards protecting from spam on the IRC & XMPP protocols.
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