botnetSecurity researcher Jerome Nokin has managed to find exploits in McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator product which can allow an attacker to turn attached computers into a botnet, using the McAfee product as it’s C&C.

In statistics data gathered from zone-h, a popular defacement archive, I was able to get an idea of how many websites are defaced each day, as well as how many unique servers are hacked to create these defacements. The numbers were shocking, to say the least, and a lot more defacements in a day than I ever imagined possible!

2013-09-24_050758Remember last year when I wrote about an Internet Explorer vulnerability which Pythorian & myself had discovered? Well, time for this to turn into a recurring nightmare!

Since my girlfriend decided to subtly hint about it in a recent blog post on her website, and I broke the news on Twitter, I thought I would finally write about my experience early in February.

While pentesting some of the new updates on my pet project,, Pythorian ran across an odd IE vulnerability involving the way it renders plain text files.

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