It’s Not a Party Until the SWAT Team Shows Up

  • Author:xnite
  • Date:2013/03/14

Since my girlfriend decided to subtly hint about it in a recent blog post on her website, and I broke the news on Twitter, I thought I would finally write about my experience early in February.

It was a Saturday morning, I woke up to an unknown caller trying to reach me on my cell phone. My first instinct of course is to NOT answer the phone call, because I do not know who it is. However after calling my phone, they also called my girlfriends phone, and when she did not answer they continued to call my phone. After a few rotations and starting my regular morning pot of coffee, I decided to answer the phone.

The person on the other end claimed to be a sheriff with my local police department. I told the officer on the phone that I did not believe they were, and asked if there was a way that I could verify this. They told me I would have to come outside and talk with them. I peaked out my window, however I did not see any officers outside of my home.

I stated this to the officer on the line, to which she replied “That’s because we are hiding”.

I giggled a little bit, and put my girlfriend on the phone, and stated that I would come out but I need to get dressed first. The officer alerted my girlfriend that when we exit the home we would need to put our hands in the air, and an officer would give us directions. If we did not follow these directions precisely we would possibly be shot for the safety of the officers and my neighbors.

After getting some clothes on, I stepped out of my home with my hands up, followed by my girlfriend. The SWAT team came out from my neighbors homes, behind cars, and from around corners. We were surrounded by very heavily armed officers as another officer with a loudspeaker gave us instructions to step down the stairs, and walk backwards towards him, with our hands up.

After making my way over to the officer, while keeping my eye on the heavily armed men, I was placed under arrest and detained in the back of a police car.

As we were being detained a team of officers made their way into our home, while two more officers questioned my girlfriend and myself.

copcar We were able to explain the situation to the officers, and it was determined that the original 911 call was a hoax, created simply to gain a SWAT team response. The officers allowed for my girlfriend & myself to be un-cuffed, however kept us detained in the back of the cop cars that we were in.

While I was in the cop car, I still had my phone in my pocket, so I was able to capture a photograph from the back.

I was hoping to also have a photo taken with the SWAT team and myself, however they were in no mood to do so.

Over all, I would say this was a pretty cool experience. Definitely a story to tell my grandchildren! This also gave me a chance to play with my neighbors who at this point were standing outside watching the situation.

After being let go, and allowed to go back home we seen a couple of our neighbors standing outside their home, so I simply looked at them and yelled “I’m fucking untouchable!”… I’ve never seen anyone run into their home so quick!

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