Hello again World!

  • Author:xnite
  • Date:2016/12/06

I’ve been blogging here for about 6 years now. In that time I’ve done a lot of overhauling on my website. Quite frankly, I’ve been doing it all wrong!

When I started blogging this was a place for me to write out my thoughts and opinions on stuff. In the past few years I’ve deleted much of my original content and my website has become cluttered with tutorials and tech news. My blog should be a personal space where I can talk about what I want. For a very long time I’ve felt that the content that I want to write just isn’t suitable for my blog. This isn’t true, or at least shouldn’t be the case.

To make a long story short, I’ve made a decision to share more opinion based posts on my blog. Tutorials and other tech related articles that are not opinion based will be posted on my new blog at DataJunkie.me. I also encourage others to contribute content (Seriously please do) to my new website. You may notice that some of my content has already been migrated over. Some posts and pages here now redirect to my new website.

What now?

I plan to continue contributing content to both websites, making this one just a bit more personal as it should have been in the first place. As for the content which already exists on this website, I will leave redirects to my new website for posts which I’ve decided to migrate over. I expect that I’ll be contributing most, if not all, of content on the new website for a while so, while I might not be able to post all the time, I’ll try to keep it interesting. Once again you’re more than welcome, and encouraged, to sign up and contribute content over to my other website.

If you’ve made it to this point, and you weren’t just looking for a TLDR of things, thank you.

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