This plugin will allow you to automatically Oper on ratbox (and ratbox derived) IRCds using the ratbox-respond protocal with your RSA private key.
Simply configure the location of your private key file for the matching public key in your operator {} block on your IRCd.

You will need to install the following perl modules:

  • Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA
  • Digest::SHA1
  • MIME::Base64

In the file, configure the location of your private key file, this should look similar to the following example:

This plugin listens for server numerics 740 (RSA Challenge) & 741 (End of RSA Challenge) & automatically responds to the challenge request.
You will need to issue the /CHALLENGE command to initiate authentication via this method. You may want to add something like CHALLENGE myoperusername to your on-connect commands.

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