OperBuddy server notice tabs

OperBuddy is a HexChat plugin, written in Perl, which provides extra functionality for IRCOps.
This plugin has been tested on Charybdis (ratbox based), and is not guaranteed to work flawlessly on all IRCd’s. If you would like to make a feature request please feel free to contact me about it.
Please bare in mind however, that I will NOT provide support for UnrealIRCd.


OperBuddy server links notifications

Server link & split notifications

OperBuddy will create new tabs to help you keep track of what is going on with your network. These tabs include Clients, Links, Wallops, and Server Notices. You can check these tabs for messages, instead of going to the primary server tab.
This also makes it easier to log the individual events with your client, so that you can search for specific events with ease.


OperBuddy provides commands to help make administrating your network a little easier. I’ll go over a few of them and what they do.

/reroute The reroute command will make it easier to move servers around different hubs. So let’s say you have serverA on Hub2, but you want ServerA to be on Hub1, you could simply /reroute ServerA Hub1 and it will squit the server and immediately reconnect it to the selected Hub.

/ginvite This one may be considered a bit abusive, but admittedly much less abusive than a force join. the ginvite command will invite everyone on the network over to the given channel. /ginvite #channel

Other Features

OperBuddy automatically handles some stuff for you, such as parsing & formatting the k/gline list to make it easier to read. You can also setup an auto-reply for when you are away, and automatically whois people when they open a query window with you. See /operbuddy for more information about these features & how to activate/de-activate them.

Download OperBuddy